The Madeline Rust

The Madeline Rust

The Madeline Rust

With a name taken from a fever dream, lyrics inspired by a fascination with serial killers and dusty desert towns, and musical influences ranging from Ennio Morricone’s Spaghetti Western soundtracks to early nineties grunge, The Madeline Rust are Lucy Morrow (bass and vocals), Aly McNab (guitar), Gerallt Ruggiero (guitar) and Martin Syvret (drums).

The Madeline Rust released their second album, Truth or Consequences, on TOR Records in August 2014, on limited edition red vinyl with a digital download.

Truth or Consequences is a haunting and powerful story of love and death, romance and murder.

The town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, is only too familiar with these tragic contradictions. Named for the 1950s radio show of the same name, on the surface, Truth or Consequences is a typical all-American desert spa town. In the 1990s, however, the town became notorious for being the home of David Parker Ray, a local man who, it transpired, had drugged dozens of women, and tortured them horrifically in his self-styled ‘toy box’, over a period of possibly forty years. Many of the women are still missing, yet no bodies were ever found.

This story, and others like it, is the inspiration behind Truth or Consequences. Lyrics drawn from the thoughts and minds of the survivors, the girlfriends and the victims of killers. Those who have been loved, and those who were lost.

The Madeline Rust are currently writing their next album, expected to be released in 2016, and describe their evolving sound as “noisy shoegaze with extra cowboys”.

We welcome you to the world of The Madeline Rust.