“Circles we move in are orange and black in the back of my mind”

Spell originated from Bedford (UK) and gigged the clubs and pubs back in 67/68. They came to be when Chris Bagnall followed Dave King home after gigging in Scarborough, both hitting it off well playing at local gigs before a session was organised to record a few of Dave’s songs. They also recorded a mellow, well executed version of Love’s “She Comes In Colours” which has not been included on the TOR release. It may be released at a later date!

They had one recording session at Shield Studios, Wellingborough in studio downtime. Dave King was great friends with Derek Tomkins who ran the studio so a session was arranged. That studio was used by many bands including Helen Shapiro, Joe Brown, Bauhaus, The Barron Knights and Frank Ifield to mention a few. Most famously, Freddie Mercury (Queen) also recorded a few tracks at Beck during his Larry Lurex days. It is now called Beck Studios and is operational to this day. 


I was fortunate enough to buy the only acetate of the only recording of that session and had the tracks remastered in Austria by Kenneth Winker.  The records came from Steve Peacock, ex writer for Sounds magazine in the seventies. Steve worked with the band back in the sixties and wrote review articles for local newspapers. Dave King is the only surviving member of the band and is still active in the music business.  Dave has played in Lulu’s backing band and also with Tim Hardin.  Chris Bagnall (vocals) and Mick Rimmer (bass) are deceased. the drummer on these tracks is unknown. TOR Records released three tracks from the acetate in April 2015.  The fourth track on the acetate, a cover of Love’s “She Comes In Colours” was withheld from the release due to PRS issues, however it may get released in 2016.  Musically they were influenced by the American West Coast so bands like Love, Quicksilver Messenger Service and also UK bands like The Creation and Psych

Click here to buy ‘Tangled Web’ by Spell

Dave King (Spell) interview with It’s Psychedelic Baby – an extensive interview with writer Lenny Hesling

Dave King:

Made two albums with Mike Hugg ex-Manfred Mann, tv in Germany, and some gigs. Then went to London, and sessions with Tim Hardin and others.  Released a single called “Jamaica” on RCA under the name Rough Mix, toured with Lulu. Also went to Japan with Barbara Dixon for the Tokyo song contest. Played in lots of lots of local bands  including Spell, and Mojo. Moved back Bedford and continued  playing with No Spring Chicken in south London. (more to follow). Still active in the music business and currently working with John Williams on new material.

Spell – Tangled Web – Tor Records – Released Aprl 2015 (Vinyl Only)

Games –  Original acetate track. Unmastered.

Mike Hugg – Stress and Strain featuring Dave King on guitar 1972

No Spring Chicken featuring Dave King – London, date unknowm


The Incas

Chris Bagnall (singer) also recorded with Scarborough based band, The Incas featuring Chris Bagnall – (Vocals), Bob Woodyatt (Rhythm Guitar) and Brian Thompson (Lead Guitar), Ken Thomas (Drums) and Graham Trousdale (Bass), They spend some time in London, recorded one single on Parlophone and then returned to Scarborough. Chris and Brian are no longer witb us and Bob is playing playing live in the pubs and clubs of Scarborough. Other than playing with Denny McCaffrey, Stonemakers in early 60’s I can find no more information on Mick Rimmer.

The Incas – One Night Stand

The Incas – I’ll Keep Holding On

The Incas – Live Scarborough Town Hall 1965

incas live

The Incas – London 1966

The Incas 1966

The Incas Scarborough 1966


Keele University Rag Records

In 1965 The Incas recorded a track for Keele University Rag Records. This was a Lyntone Flexi Disc and very hard to find.
1965 Rag Record 1 (Yellow)
“Silicosis” by Bob Wilson
“Making me Cry” by the Changing Times
“More time to spend with you” by Lance Harvey and the Kingpins
“Since that woman said goodbye” by the Incas
Please note: There is a view that this band is not The Incas from Scarborough but were in fact a band from Liverpool.
The Incas track is the very last one on this link.

Link to Keele University Alumni Website http://www.keele.ac.uk/alumni/thekeeleoralhistoryproject/ragrecordsofthe1960s/