Richard John-Riley

Records are proud to be associated with Richard Riley. We will relaunch his 2006 album, Not It But When in March 2016. This will be a limited edition of 125 copies with a new inner and a download code for the remastered 2009 version of the album.

“I picked up the guitar when I was eleven but I’ve always been a geek. From an early age I’d been messing around with old tape recorders, amps and tuning my ma’s Roberts radio into the TV for the oscillation which I found absorbing. Then she got sick and I nicked the guitar she’d taken to bed and found I could play it. Got my ass kicked round the school playground for a while so I left early and went to do anything I could with the guitar. Eventually got picked up by Laurel Aitken who put me in his band where I stayed for a couple of years before hotfooting down to the smoke to work in restaurants and eventually got a job selling guitars in a shop. Had some lessons from John Etheridge. Then I fell in with an electro goth pop star who put me in his band for a few years, that was cool as we were recording in some cool places so I got to see Abbey Road, Air etc.
While I was doing that I fell in with Orange Juice, ARKANE, Phil Ramacon and a few other cool people, and decided not to join PIL. Left London in 1986 to move to Bath. Started a number of bands and studios etc. Went on to play up north with Bruce Foxton and the Rhythm Sisters. Ended up back in Bath helping to kickstart Future Music magazine and then Total Guitar magazine. Worked for the mags for about 10 years while writing and reviewing a ton of kit and producing the famous CD cover mounts every month.  After spending eight or nine years backing almost every Bristol based singer songwriter you can think of, making albums in my home studio for four or five Bristol singer songwriters and spending my weekends in covers bands and making my own record Not If But When, I eventually landed in Frome where I’m playing in a few local bands. I’m also guesting on the new Karel Fialka record too on a track with Tilda Swinton which is a very proud moment”

Richard also released a 7″ single Oh Sarah/Shoot Me AR Records in April 2016.