June 2018 – New Release on TOR Records

Richard John Riley – Shut Up (My Dear) 7″

We are currently working on a new 7″ release by Richard John Riley. This will be a very limited edition of 50 and a lathe cut records https://goo.gl/VUG932 -.

Shut Up (My Dear) features background vocals from Lucy Morrow of The Madeline Rust and the synthetised voice of “Willow”, a female child like voice that pulls on the emotions.  The song is an emotional plea to “Shut Up”, it’s one side of a conversation, the other side isn’t heard. Think Laurie Anderson or even Steven Hawking!. That, compounded by Lucy Morrow’s outstanding vocals near the end of the track makes it is one of the most devastating, emotional records that we have ever had the privilage to release.  The refrain “Big Boys Don’t Cry” is used in the track and permission to use that has been granted by Graham Gouldman of 10CC  John Cornelian is a song of longing, an imagination of what you would like to be as opposed to what we face each does. It resonates with hope and Richard again delivers strong emotional vocals on this cut.

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