John Williams

John Williams - TrainJohn Williams has a rich musical history that goes back to the early 60’s when he fronted a band called The Authentics with his brother Berne (Brian) Williams. Dave King (Spell) played piano in that band as well. They play a residency in support of Yardbirds at The Marquee, London and recorded two unreleased tracks with Jimmy Page. He then recorded a single under the name Brothers William for Parlophone and two singles and an album for Columbia. There is a more detailed description on this blogpost from Pageia Obscura

The Authentics/John Williams/Jimmy Page/Maureeny Wishfull

Following the release of the John Williams single on TOR Records, Lenny Helsing wrote for It’s Psychedelic Baby including an interview with John conducted in the Spring of 2015.

John Williams Interview – Lenny Hesling

The Authentics – Without You (unreleased 7″)

The Authentics – Climbing Through (unreleased 7″)

John Williams – Flowers In Your Hair – Columbia 7″

John Williams – Ramblin’ Boy – from the Columbia solo album 1968

Maureeny Wishfull – album with Jimmy Page and Big Jim Sullivan

In 1968 he recorded an album “Maureeny Wishfull” with Jimmy Page and Big Jim Sullivan, this is now a highly collectable album. I was lucky to find an unreleased acetate in 2014 by John Williams on the A side and an as yet unknown band on the B side. This was released by TOR Records in 2015.

Click here to buy ‘Train’ 7″ by John Williams.